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Terms and conditions

Terms of sale and delivery for consumer purchases of goods over the Internet


The agreement basically consists of the information that the buyer receives in the order solution, as well as these standard terms.

The agreement is entered into by the buyer going to the seller’s (Strikkeredet.no) page and finding the item (knitting pattern) he or she wants to buy. The buyer then puts the item in the shopping cart, creates an account, accepts the terms of purchase, chooses the form of payment and sends his order (accepts the seller’s offer).

The buyer receives an order confirmation sent to his e-mail address immediately after ordering. The order confirmation contains a download link to the purchased knitting pattern in the form of an electronic document (pdf document). The recipe is only sent electronically, not per. mail.

A binding agreement will be entered into when the customer has sent his order. The buyer is encouraged to check the order confirmation and report any errors before downloading.

The buyer has access to his / her purchased recipe (s) in his account at strikkeredet.no.
The buyer logs in with a username and password, and finds his recipes under «downloads».
If the seller later needs to update the recipe, the buyer will in this way have access to the latest version.


Information is given about the price of the item (including VAT, environmental fee and other taxes) and shipping costs in the ordering solution. This is summed up in a total amount that the buyer must pay.


The buyer can choose between different payment methods. If the buyer uses a credit card or debit card when paying, the seller can reserve the purchase price on the card when ordering. The card is charged at the same time as the item is sent electronically.


Delivery has taken place when order confirmation with download link to knitting pattern in the form of an electronic document (pdf document) has been sent to the buyer’s email address. This is sent immediately after payment has been made.

Right of withdrawal for digital content delivered on digital medium

The right of withdrawal ceases as soon as the buyer has downloaded the recipe / pdf document.

Lack of the item – the buyer’s rights and complaint deadline

The buyer’s rights in the event of a defect are regulated in Chapter 6 of the Consumer Purchases Act. which will be relevant under each individual power, as well as for where the threshold lies.