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Welcome to Strikkeredet design

Finally, Strikkeredet design’s website in English has been launched!

I am so excited that Strikkeredet design now has opened an international website!
The name Strikkeredet is Norwegian, and can be translated in to “Knitting nest”. In the summer I love to sit in my garden to knit and work on my designs.
The garden is my own cozy knitting place, my knitting nest, and that’s the origin of the name.

A little about me:
My name is Hilde, I’m living in Norway with my husbond and our two sons.
10 years ago I had to give up my regular job, due to health issues. I then picked up my knitting hobby, and the knitting has given me so much joy and comfort. 
3 years ago I started started designing and make my own knitting patterns.

My wish is that others too will experience the same joy of knitting as me, and feel the happiness of learning and mastering new techniques, even if it seems too complicated and difficult. 
Therefore it’s important to me that my patterns are thoroughly explained and easy to understand. I always use a professional tech-editor to ensure a good quality of all my patterns. Of course, errors can still occur, and should you discover any, I’m very happy if you let me know so I can correct it.